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First Aid for Moms and Children Inc. is dedicated to enhancing the current lives of at risk families, infants and youth.

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Holiday Cheers

Single mothers struggle with providing their children meals on Thanksgiving. They strive to make sure their children have gifts under the tree for Christmas.


Our bandages of "comfort" and "happiness" supply our families with items during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. 


Romunda L. Owens Foundation

Romunda L. Owens is the late mother of the executive director of FAFMC. The foundation provides our mothers with a birthday gift to assist with our mission of ensuring single mothers feel appreciated. Romunda Owens was a dedicated mother and educator. The foundation also provides children with school supplies. 


Tulips for Moms

Who is there to show appreciation to a single mother on Mother's Day? We are! We want our mother's to feel appreciated and loved for their dedication as a mother.


Our bandage of "appreciation" provides our mothers with a mother's day gift.